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Nordic Glider Aerobatic Championships 2011
July 14th to 17th

-Entry form

-Contact us


Entry form

Fill out the form below.
Please e-mail (snlf@nlf.no) a picture of you and your glider to publish on website - thanks!

Entry fee NOK 1250 should bee paid no later than 2011.07.01

Norwegian Airsports Federation
Bank: Den Norske Bank, N-0022 Oslo, NORGE
Account no: 5002.05.01577
IBAN nummer: NO4050020501577
Swift code: DNBANOKK

Personal information:

Mark on of the following checkboxes:

Competition class:



Date of Birth:   




Your career:


Single room (on site): NOK 420/night
Double room (on site):
NOK 580/night

Cabins* (on site): Thursday-Sunday 3500 NOK
Cabins* (on site): Monday-Sunday
6000 NOK
*Cabins available on "first come first serve"

Camping (on site): 125 NOK/night

If hotel, please contact:  Rica Central Elverum, http://www.hotel-central.no/

Arrival date:            

Departure date:       

Number of persons:


I order following daily meals served on field
75 NOK/day
100 NOK/day
Dinner, 150 NOK/day

Glider information

I will rent glider on site (ASK-21)

I will bring my own glider or use the following glider

                  Glider type:           

                  Glider registration:

Message to the organizer:



Sist oppdatert: 25. May 2011